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Golf Physiotherapy, Golfing Injuries

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I have been involved with the Holme Valley Sports Injury Clinic and used golf screening since 2007 and the benefits are endless. It has helped me improve my general fitness, my golf specific fitness and taken my game to a new level! Before I used golf screening I could not get my swing into the positions I wanted, with some hard work and the help of the Holme Valley Sports Injury Clinic my swing is getting to where I want it to be and i am improving as a player.

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Improve your Golf game

At The Holme Valley Sports Injury Clinic, we have experience in the assessment of golfers of all ages, in order to identify and treat common postural problems and muscle imbalance’s that can lead to more serious injury and compromise a player's performance.

Golf-specific screening is now used commonly and is regarded as an important part of the game at elite, professional and amateur levels. A high percentage of the top tour players regularly see physiotherapists to maintain optimum performance and prevent injury.

However, it is just as important for handicap and club golfers understand their own posture, strength and flexibility, as golf can place a huge strain on many areas of the body. The most commonly affected areas tend to be the lower back, wrists, shoulders and knees.

Biomechanical screening is the first step you should take to determine any physical and postural limitations which may directly cause injuries or affect your swing and thus affect your performance out on the golf course. Following your screening assessment a personal exercise and conditioning program will be devised by the physiotherapist and taught to the individual. This will probably comprise specific stretches, postural advice and core stability exercises.

Many golfers struggle with technical faults, which may actually be the result of a physical imbalance in the upper or lower body. As golf is an asymmetrical sport, for example, a right handed golfer always moves from left to right during their backswing, and requires a player to lean over the ball, you find common imbalances between muscles at the front of the body (which are often tight and shortened), and the back (which are often weaker).

The Holme Valley Sports Injury Clinic, we tailor your golf rehabilitation and conditioning program to any technical faults you may have in your swing and we work closely with many PGA professionals at golf clubs in the local areaMany injuries can occur during a golf session. Playing for too long, inappropriate posture whilst picking up practice balls, lack of adequate stretching, swing faults and even carrying your golf bag can affect your game and leave you needing treatment.

If you would like to enquire about treatment please call us on 01484 541227, or email us to tell us a little bit more about your injuries.



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